Founded in 1983
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We started out 20 years ago as a Swedish based organisation but with part local ownership, called Armerad Betong Vagforbattringar. It's mainstay was in piling and foundation work with a heavy input of Swedish construction technology. It had the distinction of being the first companies in Singapore to use the indoor piling machine that was set to revolutionize piling foundation techniques in the construction Industry.

Since then, the company has expanded, undergone a change in ownership content and diversified its activities. In 1993, its local partners bought over the company, making it a truly Singapore company, but retaining the name to preserve its goodwill and reputation for excellence.

In an effort to better meet the growing needs of its clients, ABV has gone into specialisations.It has done this by setting up two sister organizations and delegating them with particular tasks. ABV Systems Pte Ltd specializes in repair and strengthening, using the very latest in innovation and technology to provide custom -built solutions for its clients.ABV Technology Pte Ltd concentrates on providing testing services ,using the very latest and advanced equipment.This specialisation has enabled ABV Engineering Pte Ltd to concentrate fully on improving organisation and staff development as well as embark on R & D on new products and equipment.
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